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Dr. Marlene is currently available for the following workshops and seminars.

Becoming God(s): 3 hour workshop, all day workshop, 2 ½ day workshop/retreat available

Rev. Marlene teaches spiritual practices that lead to a spiritual presence for each one of us. This is the Relevant Spirituality workshop that is the foundation for enlightenment. Develop your-self to your highest potential, Become God(s). Everyone has the potential, will you answer the call?

In The Company of the Chalice: 3 hour workshop, all day workshop, 2 ½ day workshop/retreat

The legends of The Quest are more than simply entertaining, they contain lessons and guidelines for living life at the highest level. Dr. Marlene leads you on a mythical journey through the legends into the land of your dreams and highest aspirations. In the company of the Sorcerer, the Healer, the Guardian, the Bard, the Seer, and the Chalice Carrier, you can find your purpose and answer your divine calling.

The Directions: 5-6 week series

Ever wondered why your life didn’t come with a manual of instructions? It did! And now, Rev. Marlene gives you a new way of understanding the “Directions” you were introduced to as a child. This course employs a new perspective on the Ten Commandments to chart the course for a deeper life, an increased sense of purpose, and tools for handling and managing the curves and bumps along the road of life. 

The Money Game and How to Play It: 5-6 week series

With her signature humor and dynamic style, Dr. Marlene utilizes the format of several television game shows to teach the lessons of accepting, achieving, and attaining prosperity.
Who wants to be a Millionaire? Who doesn’t! Let’s Make a Deal, spin Marlene’s Wheel of Fortune, discover what’s behind the prosperity door, and stay out of financial Jeopardy; this fun filled workshop will motivate you to move up to a new financial bracket.

Seeking the Sourcerer: 3-4 weeks

On the first day we become The Sourcerer’s Apprentice (spelling is correct!).  Throughout this 6-week course we learn the “magical” qualities that the Sourcerer embodies and are taught spiritual practices that get us closer to Source itself.  We are taught the incantations, spells, wizardry and wisdom to take us from Apprentice to Master as we seek to develop our gifts as the powerful co-creators we are.

Forgiveness, the Key that Opens Every Door: 3-hour workshop

One of the basic steps in spiritual growth lies in the Art and Science of forgiveness. Rev. Marlene takes you on a journey from the depths of blame and resentment, into the relief and lightness in the act of forgiveness Based on the lessons in her book “The Key to Prosperity” she uses an ancient prayer as the basis for this course teaching a new meaning to old words and inviting us to reframe our past ways of thinking into a paradigm for prosperity in all our affairs. 

Relationship Rescue: 3 hour workshop

Dr. Morris provides a fresh way to look at your relationship. She gives you new perspective and fresh tools to review, rekindle, and restore your relationship.  If you feel you’re on the brink of change, or just need some new ideas to help you understand and appreciate your life partner, then come to this workshop for the tune-up of your life.

Dr. Marlene is also available to speak at your church services, meetings, retreats and special events. The list of subjects that she covers is varied and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Contact her directly for availability and fee schedule.

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