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What We Believe

We believe that there is one Spiritual Power that is the Creative and Motivating Force of the Universe.

We believe that this Power pre-existed and is the source of all that is; that it is eternal, unbounded, and unlimited, and that its nature is good and its natural tendency is to create abundantly.

We believe that this Power is greater than that which can be seen and experienced; but that all life is the direct expression of it and is therefore eternal, unbounded, unlimited, good and abundant.

We believe that this Creative Force reveals itself to a person, or to a people, in ways that are consistent with the times and circumstances in which they live. Therefore, it has come to be known by many names, and may be reached by many paths. We believe that ours is one path but that all paths which lead to a personal realization of this Power are valid and should be respected.

We believe that all people, all creatures and all things, are the manifestation of this Power, are likewise worthy of respect.

We believe that Love is at the core of this Power; that it does not choose one life, or one way of life, over another, but that every life is uplifted, inspired, empowered, healed and blessed through the conscious choice to believe in and use it.

We believe that heaven and hell are states of mind, not geographical locations, and that neither is the creation of a giving, wise, and unlimited Power; but that each individual has the choice to inhabit one state of mind or the other.

We believe that we direct this Power in our individual and collective lives for good or ill, for healing or disease, for creation or destruction, for prosperity or lack, for love or for loneliness, through the beliefs we hold and the choices we make.

We believe that faith, conviction and positive choices will always reveal the innate and unlimited life within each individual.

We believe that prayer which acknowledges the inner presence of this power is prayer that transcends wishful thinking and establishes the reality of that which is prayed for.