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What is Relevant Spirituality

is faith for the 21st century. It gives you both something to believe in and real tools for transforming that belief into positive effects in your everyday life and in the world. This is faith, and a way of life, that works for you in your relationships, in your finances, in your workplace, in the hospital, at the tax audit and in your own home; anywhere you are, all the time.

You arrive at true happiness, not just in precious and fleeting moments, but happiness that is deep and lasting, when you climb the stairs of spiritual enlightenment and turn your old, negative, limiting, beliefs into faith that is relevant to your life.

You begin with the willingness to accept a new set of core beliefs, about yourself and your connection to the Power that is back of Creation, and work your way through old patterns, outdated concepts and nonproductive behaviors until you reach a new plateau of acceptance, joy and love of life.

This is spirituality that does not ask that you leave your brain at the door – or God in the church, but rather guides and supports you in the creation of a fuller and richer life by taking your spirituality into every moment and experience of your day – whatever may be happening.

This is not a faith that may pay off in some great fantasy hereafter, but a living faith that is relevant to the life you are experiencing right now; a faith and practice that acknowledges and incorporates the immediate presence of the Divine, the advances of science, and your personal responsibility to participate in creation by living your life consciously, in accordance with your belief, every minute of every day.

This is a faith that will lift your spirits, guide your actions, and instill passion and create purpose in your life.

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"Live largely, Love greatly,& Believe deeply" Marlene Morris


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