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Spiritual Union And Vow Renewals

Love is the holiest of all human relationships…

Vow Renewals

You have met the trials and challenges of life together. You have supported and loved one another in ways you could not have predicted. Time affirms the love that you share.

Reaffirm your love and commitment with a special ceremony that celebrates your ongoing love for one another and your willingness to say I do, understanding now what those words really mean.

Spiritual Unions

For couples who choose to celebrate their love with sacred ceremony

Couples, for many reasons, sometimes choose to make a commitment to their love without entering into a legal contract. A spiritual union is a sacred ceremony that acknowledges and honors the sacredness of that commitment.

Whether you are a heterosexual couple that has chosen to forego the marriage contract, or a same-sex couple that wants to celebrate your love with a spiritual ceremony,*Rev. Marlene provides a unique and personalized ceremony that acknowledges and honors the sacredness of your union.

* For the time being, the State of California continues to debate the legality of same-sex marriages. We believe that love is recognition of the Divine Presence within the loved-one and that it knows no size, shape, color, creed or sexual preference. Love is simply, beautifully, love.

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